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The Process For Homeowners Defending Their                              Homes!!

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What to do to fight your foreclosure at court
http://www.fraudstoppers.org/If you have questions about what to do at court, what to do with a foreclosure notice or lawsuit notice, what, how, when, where, and why to file documents, this video ca...

Pre-Qualifying Questions:
First & Last Name?
Street Address, City, State, & Zip
Email Address?
Are you behind or are you trying to get a Loan Modifications?
If you are behind, How many months are you behind? (If not, enter "N/A")
How much do you pay per month?
Have you received a foreclosure or eviction notice?
If you received a foreclosure or eviction notice, What is the date of the notice?
What bank are you currently with?
Are you currently working with an attorney?
Are you in bankruptcy?
If you are in bankruptcy, Which chapter?
If you are in bankruptcy, Has it been discharged or dismissed?
Are you currently employed?
If you are employed, What is your monthly salary? (if not employed, type "N/A")
Do you receive Social Security/ Disability/ or Pension?
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                   Steps of the Process
Step 1. Send out Initial letter(s)
Step 2. Filing of Court Documents
Step 3. Securitization Audit
Step 4. File a Formal Lawsuit.
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